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Town Documents

Listed below are Town Documents online, if you cannot locate the document you require, please use the FILTER and SEARCH box to assist.
TitleContentDocument TypesDocumentDocument Groups
Minutes 01-14-14MinutesTown Council
Agenda 01-14-14AgendaTown Council
Minutes 01-21-14MinutesTown Council
Agenda 01-21-14AgendaTown Council
Minutes 02-04-14MinutesTown Council
Agenda 02-04-14AgendaTown Council
Minutes 02-18-14MinutesTown Council
Agenda 02-18-14AgendaTown Council
Minutes 03-04-14MinutesTown Council
Agenda 03-04-14AgendaTown Council
Minutes 03-18-14MinutesTown Council
Agenda 03-18-14AgendaTown Council
Minutes 04-01-14MinutesTown Council
Agenda 04-01-14AgendaTown Council
Minutes 04-15-14MinutesTown Council
Agenda 04-15-14AgendaTown Council
Agenda 05-02-17AgendaTown Council
Minutes 05-20-14MinutesTown Council
Agenda 05-20-14AgendaTown Council
Agenda 06-03-14AgendaTown Council
Minutes 06-03-14MinutesTown Council
Minutes 06-17-14MinutesTown Council
Agenda 06-17-14AgendaTown Council
Minutes 07-01-14MinutesTown Council
Agenda 07-01-14AgendaTown Council
Agenda 07-15-14AgendaTown Council
Minutes 07-15-14MinutesTown Council
Minutes 08-05-14MinutesTown Council
Agenda 08-05-14AgendaTown Council
Minutes 08-19-14MinutesTown Council
Agenda 08-19-14AgendaTown Council
Minutes 09-02-14MinutesTown Council
Agenda 09-02-14AgendaTown Council
Minutes 09-16-14MinutesTown Council
Agenda 09-16-14AgendaTown Council
October 2014 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 10-07-14MinutesTown Council
Agenda 10-07-14AgendaTown Council
Minutes 10-21-14MinutesTown Council
Agenda 10-21-14AgendaTown Council
November 2014 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 11-18-14MinutesTown Council
Agenda 11-18-14AgendaTown Council
December 2014 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 12-02-14MinutesTown Council
Agenda 12-02-14AgendaTown Council
Minutes 12-16-14MinutesTown Council
Agenda 12-16-14AgendaTown Council
January 2015 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Agenda 01-06-15AgendaTown Council
Minutes 01-06-15MinutesTown Council
Agenda 01-20-15AgendaTown Council
Minutes 01-20-15MinutesTown Council
February 2015 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Agenda 02-03-15AgendaTown Council
Minutes 02-03-15MinutesTown Council
Agenda 02-17-15AgendaTown Council
Minutes 02-17-15MinutesTown Council
March 2015 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Agenda 03-03-15AgendaTown Council
Minutes 03-03-15MinutesTown Council
Agenda 03-17-15AgendaTown Council
Minutes 03-17-15MinutesTown Council
April 2015 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Agenda 04-07-15AgendaTown Council
Minutes 04-07-15MinutesTown Council
Agenda 04-21-15AgendaTown Council
Minutes 04-21-15MinutesTown Council
May 2015 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Agenda 05-19-15AgendaTown Council
Minutes 05-19-15MinutesTown Council
June 2015 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Agenda 06-02-15AgendaTown Council
Minutes 06-02-15max sizeMinutesTown Council
Agenda 06-16-15AgendaTown Council
Minutes 06-16-15MinutesTown Council
July 2015 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Agenda 07-07-15AgendaTown Council
Minutes 07-07-15MinutesTown Council
Agenda 07-21-15AgendaTown Council
August 2015 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Agenda 08-04-15AgendaTown Council
Minutes 08-04-15MinutesTown Council
Agenda 08-18-15AgendaTown Council
Minutes 08-18-15MinutesTown Council
Minutes 09-01-15MinutesTown Council
Agenda 09-01-15AgendaTown Council
September 2015 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 09-15-15MinutesTown Council
Agenda 09-15-15AgendaTown Council
October 2015 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 10-06-15MinutesTown Council
Minutes 10-20-15MinutesTown Council
Agenda 10-20-15AgendaTown Council
November 2015 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 11-17-15MinutesTown Council
Agenda 11-17-15AgendaTown Council
Minutes 12-01-15MinutesTown Council
Agenda 12-01-15AgendaTown Council
December 2015 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 12-15-15MinutesTown Council
January 2016 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 01-05-16MinutesTown Council
Agenda 01-05-16AgendaTown Council
Minutes 01-19-16MinutesTown Council
Agenda 01-19-16AgendaTown Council
February 2016 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 02-02-16MinutesTown Council
Agenda 02-02-16AgendaTown Council
Minutes 02-16-16MinutesTown Council
Agenda 02-16-16AgendaTown Council
Minutes 03-01-16MinutesTown Council
Agenda 03-01-16AgendaTown Council
March 2016 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 03-15-16MinutesTown Council
Agenda 03-15-16AgendaTown Council
April 2016 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 04-05-16MinutesTown Council
Agenda 04-05-16AgendaTown Council
Minutes 04-19-16MinutesTown Council
Agenda 04-19-16AgendaTown Council
May 2016 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 05-17-16MinutesTown Council
Agenda 05-17-16AgendaTown Council
June 2016 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 06-07-16MinutesTown Council
Agenda 06-07-16AgendaTown Council
Minutes 06-21-16MinutesTown Council
Agenda 06-21-16AgendaTown Council
July 2016 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 07-05-16MinutesTown Council
Agenda 07-05-16AgendaTown Council
Minutes 07-19-16MinutesTown Council
Agenda 07-19-16AgendaTown Council
August 2016 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 08-02-16MinutesTown Council
Agenda 08-02-16AgendaTown Council
Minutes 08-16-16MinutesTown Council
Agenda 08-16-16AgendaTown Council
September 2016 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 09-06-16MinutesTown Council
Minutes 09-20-16MinutesTown Council
October 2016 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 10-18-16MinutesTown Council
Minutes 11-01-16MinutesTown Council
November 2016 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 11-15-16MinutesTown Council
Agenda 11-15-16AgendaTown Council
December 2016 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 12-06-16MinutesTown Council
Agenda 12-06-16AgendaTown Council
Minutes 12-20-16MinutesTown Council
Agenda 12-20-16AgendaTown Council
January 2017 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 01-03-17MinutesTown Council
Agenda 01-03-17AgendaTown Council
Minutes 01-17-17MinutesTown Council
Agenda 01-17-17AgendaTown Council
Agenda 01-21-17AgendaTown Council
February 2017 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 02-07-17MinutesTown Council
Agenda 02-07-17AgendaTown Council
Minutes 02-21-17MinutesTown Council
Agenda 02-21-17AgendaTown Council
March 2017 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 03-07-17MinutesTown Council
Agenda 03-07-17AgendaTown Council
Minutes 03-21-17MinutesTown Council
Agenda 03-21-17AgendaTown Council
April 2017 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 04-04-17MinutesTown Council
Agenda 04-04-17AgendaTown Council
Minutes 04-10-17MinutesTown Council
Agenda 04-10-17AgendaTown Council
Minutes 04-18-17MinutesTown Council
Agenda 04-18-17AgendaTown Council
Minutes 04-28-17MinutesTown Council
Agenda 04-28-17AgendaTown Council
May 2017 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 05-02-17MinutesTown Council
Minutes 05-16-17Town Council
Agenda 05-16-17AgendaTown Council
June 2017 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 06-06-17MinutesTown Council
Minutes 06-20-17MinutesTown Council
Minutes 06-06-17MinutesTown Council
Agenda 06-06-17AgendaTown Council
Minutes 06-20-17MinutesTown Council
Agenda 06-20-17AgendaTown Council
Minutes 06-26-17MinutesTown Council
Agenda 06-26-17AgendaTown Council
July 2017 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 07-18-17MinutesTown Council
Minutes 07-18-17MinutesTown Council
Agenda 07-18-17AgendaTown Council
Agenda 07-18-17AgendaTown Council
Minutes 08-01-17MinutesTown Council
Minutes 08-01-17MinutesTown Council
Agenda 08-01-17AgendaTown Council
August 2017 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 08-15-17MinutesTown Council
Minutes 08-15-17AgendaTown Council
Agenda 08-15-17AgendaTown Council
Minutes 08-22-17MinutesTown Council
Minutes 09-05-17MinutesTown Council
September 2017 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Agenda 09-05-17AgendaTown Council
Minutes 09-19-17MinutesTown Council
Agenda 09-28-17AgendaTown Council
October 2017 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 10-03-17MinutesTown Council
Agenda 10-03-17AgendaTown Council
Public Records RequestFormClerk-Treasurer's Office, Town Council
Variance ApplicationFormBuilding & Planning
Planning ApplicationFormBuilding & Planning
Building Permit ApplicationFormBuilding & Planning
New Contractors LicenseFormBuilding & Planning
Minutes 10-17-17MinutesTown Council
November 2017 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 11-07-17MinutesTown Council
Agenda 11-07-17AgendaTown Council
Agenda 11-13-17AgendaTown Council
Minutes 11-21-17MinutesTown Council
Agenda 11-21-17AgendaTown Council
Minutes 11-27-17MinutesTown Council
Minutes 11-29-17MinutesTown Council
December 2017 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 12-05-17MinutesTown Council
Agenda 12-05-17AgendaTown Council
Minutes 12-19-17MinutesTown Council
Agenda 12-19-17AgendaTown Council
January 2018 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 01-02-18MinutesTown Council
Agenda 01-02-18AgendaTown Council
Minutes 01-16-18MinutesTown Council
Agenda 01-16-18AgendaTown Council
Ordinance #1279 – Weapons Use & DischargeOrdinanceGeneral, Police
Ordinance #1280 – Golf Cart UsageOrdinanceGeneral, Police
Town Code of OrdinancesOrdinanceGeneral
Identity Theft – Financial Crime Incident ReportPolice
Minutes 01-24-18 (Vision Meeting)MinutesTown Council
Agenda 01-24-18AgendaTown Council
Minutes 01-31-18MinutesTown Council
Agenda 01-31-18AgendaTown Council
February 2018 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 02-06-18MinutesTown Council
Agenda 02-06-18AgendaTown Council
Minutes 02-20-18MinutesTown Council
Agenda 02-20-18AgendaTown Council
Agenda 02-28-18AgendaTown Council
March 2018 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 03-06-18MinutesTown Council
Agenda 03-06-18AgendaTown Council
Minutes 03-20-18MinutesTown Council
Agenda 03-20-18AgendaTown Council
Agenda 03-22-18AgendaTown Council
April 2018 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 04-03-18MinutesTown Council
Agenda 04-03-18AgendaTown Council
Table of Contents and OrdinancesOrdinanceMissing AttachmentGeneral
TITLE 1 – General ProvisionsOrdinanceMissing AttachmentGeneral
TITLE 3 – AdministrationOrdinanceMissing AttachmentGeneral
TITLE 5 – Public WorksOrdinanceMissing AttachmentGeneral, Public Works
TITLE 7 – Traffic CodeOrdinanceMissing AttachmentGeneral
TITLE 9 – General RegulationsOrdinanceMissing AttachmentGeneral
TITLE 11 – Business RegulationsOrdinanceMissing AttachmentGeneral
TITLE 13 – General OffensesOrdinanceMissing AttachmentGeneral
TITLE 15 – Land UsageOrdinanceMissing AttachmentGeneral
Table of Special OrdinancesOrdinanceMissing AttachmentGeneral
Parallel ReferencesOrdinanceMissing AttachmentGeneral
IndexOrdinanceMissing AttachmentGeneral
Appendix AOrdinanceMissing AttachmentBuilding & Planning, General
Town OfficialsInformationMissing AttachmentGeneral, Town Council
2015 CCR Reports for East and West SideInformationGeneral, Public Works
2014 CCR Reports for East and West SideInformationGeneral, Public Works
2013 CCR Reports for East and West SideInformationGeneral, Public Works
Screen PresentationInformationGeneral
Amended Ordinance No. 1212A – 1st ReadingOrdinanceGeneral, Town Council
NIES Aerial Map Boards – North (Revised 1/5/2015)InformationBuilding & Planning, General
NIES Aerial Map Boards – South (Revised 1/5/2015)InformationBuilding & Planning, General
Amended Resolution No. 1128A (Approved 1/20/2015)InformationGeneral
Amended Fiscal Plan (Adopted 1/20/2015)InformationGeneral
Public Hearing Notice (Past 2/17/2015)InformationGeneral
Public Hearing Notice (Upcoming 4/7/2015)InformationGeneral
Subdivision Ordinance No. 498OrdinanceGeneral
Introduction and Table of ContentsOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 1 – General ProvisionsOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 3 – Zoning DistrictsOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 4 – Wetland and Watercourse (WW) Zoning DistrictOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 5 – Floodplain District- Floodway District- Floodway Fringe DistrictOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 7 – Residential (R-1) Zoning DistrictOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 8 – Residential (R-2) Zoning DistrictOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, Parks
TITLE 9 – Residential Two-Family (RT) Zoning DistrictOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 10 – Residential Multi-Family (RM) Zoning DistrictOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 11 – Planned Unit Development (PUD) Zoning DistrictOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 12 – Neighborhood Business (B-1) Zoning DistrictOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 13 – Community Business (B-2) Zoning DistrictOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 14 – General Business (B-3) Zoning DistrictOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 15 – Planning Resort (RS) Zoning DistrictOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 16 – Light Industrial (M-1) Zoning DistrictOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
2018 Proposed BudgetBudgetClerk-Treasurer's Office
TITLE 17 – Medium Industrial (M-2) Zoning DistrictOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 18 – Conditional Development District A Zoning DistrictOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 19 – Conditional Development District B Zoning DistrictOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 20 – Supplementary Zoning District RegulationsOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 21 – Fence RegulationsOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 22 – Sign RegulationsOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 23 – Accessory RegulationsOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 24 – Swimming Pool RegulationsOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 25 – Non-Conforming BuildingsOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 26 – General Use RegulationsOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 27 – Off-Street Parking and Off-Street LoadingOrdinanceGeneral, Streets
TITLE 28 – Performance Standards in Industrial ZoningOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 29 – Manufactured HomesOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 30 – Administration and EnforcementOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 31 – Amendment of the Zoning Ordinance and Zone MapOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
TITLE 32 – FeesOrdinanceGeneral, Town Council
TITLE 33-TITLE 35OrdinanceGeneral, Town Council
TITLE 36 – Validity and AdoptionOrdinanceGeneral, Town Council
Minutes 04-17-18MinutesTown Council
Agenda 04-17-18AgendaTown Council
Park Locations MapInformationParks
Cedar Lake Stormwater OrdinanceOrdinanceStorm Water
Brochure on User FeeInformationGeneral
Storm Water – Rule 13 Notice of IntentFormBuilding & Planning, Storm Water
Part B – Baseline Characterization ReportInformationStorm Water
Part C – Program Implementation PlanInformationStorm Water
Town of Cedar Lake Stormwater OrdinanceOrdinanceStorm Water
Town of Cedar Lake Stormwater System MapInformationStorm Water
Town Comprehensive PlanInformationGeneral, Town Council
Construction Planning BrochureInformationBuilding & Planning
Solution to Pollution BrochureInformationGeneral
Create a Rain Garden BrochureInformationGeneral
Stormwater Technical Standards GuideInformationStorm Water
Storm Water – Permit ApplicationFormBuilding & Planning, Storm Water
IDEM Rule 5 Permit GuideInformationStorm Water
Erosion ControlInformationBuilding & Planning
Storm Water – Self MonitoringFormBuilding & Planning, Storm Water
Consumer Confidence Drinking Water Report (CCR) – East SideInformationWater
Developmental Standard ManualInformationBuilding & Planning, General
2012 Comprehensive PlanInformationGeneral, Town Council
TITLE 2 – DefinitionsOrdinanceBuilding & Planning, General
Town of Cedar Lake Title VI PlanOrdinanceTown Council
Ordinance 99OrdinanceTown Council
2015 CCR Reports for East and West SideInformationPublic Works
Agenda 05-01-18AgendaTown Council
May 2018 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Minutes 05-15-18MinutesMissing AttachmentTown Council
Agenda 05-15-18AgendaTown Council
June 2018 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
July 2018 NewsletterNewsletterMissing AttachmentGeneral
Agenda 06-05-18AgendaTown Council
Consumer Confidence Drinking Water Report (CCR) – East Side (2017-2018)InformationPublic Works
Consumer Confidence Drinking Water Report (CCR) – West Side (2017-2018)InformationPublic Works
Agenda 06-19-18AgendaMissing AttachmentTown Council
Road Cut Permit ApplicationFormMissing AttachmentBuilding & Planning, Public Works, Streets
Agenda 06-29-18AgendaMissing AttachmentTown Council
Agenda 07-17-18AgendaMissing AttachmentTown Council
Minutes 06-05-18MinutesMissing AttachmentTown Council
Minutes 06-19-18MinutesMissing AttachmentTown Council
Minutes 06-29-18MinutesMissing AttachmentTown Council
Agenda 08-07-2018AgendaMissing AttachmentTown Council
Minutes 07-17-18MinutesMissing AttachmentTown Council
August 2018 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Agenda 08-21-2018AgendaMissing AttachmentTown Council
Minutes 08-07-2018MinutesMissing AttachmentTown Council
September 2018 NewsletterNewsletterMissing AttachmentGeneral
Agenda 09-18-2018AgendaMissing AttachmentTown Council
Minutes 08-21-2018MinutesMissing AttachmentTown Council
Minutes 09-18-18MinutesTown Council
October 2018 NewsletterNewsletterMissing AttachmentGeneral
Job Opening – Parks and Open Space LaborerParks & Open Space Laborer Posted: 10/01/2018 Deadline: Applications must be returned to the Cedar …InformationMissing AttachmentPublic Works
Minutes 10-16-18MinutesTown Council
Agenda 10-16-2018AgendaTown Council
November 2018 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
Agenda 11-12-18AgendaTown Council
11.12.18 MinutesMINUTES 11-12-18MinutesTown Council
Agenda 11-20-18AgendaGeneral, Town Council
11.20.18 MinutesMINUTES 11-20-18MinutesTown Council
Agenda 11-26-18AgendaTown Council
December 2018 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
12.04.18 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
12.04.18 MinutesMinutesTown Council
Town Council Public Meeting Time Change 12/18/18 at 6:30pmPlease note the time for the Town Council Public Meeting on December 18, 2018 has …InformationGeneral, Town Council
12.18.18 Town Council Agenda12.18.18 TC FINALAgendaTown Council
Minutes 12.18.18MinutesTown Council
January 2019 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
01.15.19 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
01.15.19 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
01.16.19 Plan Commission AgendaAgendaPlan Commission
01.16.19 Plan Commission MinutesMinutesPlan Commission
02.05.19 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
02.05.19 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
02.06.19 Plan Commission AgendaAgendaPlan Commission
February 2019 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
02.06.19 Plan Commission MinutesMinutesPlan Commission
02.19.19 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
02.19.19 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
March 2019 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
03.05.19 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
03.05.19 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
03.06.19 Plan Commission AgendaAgendaPlan Commission
03.06.19 Plan Commission MinutesMinutesPlan Commission
03.19.19 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
03.19.19 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
April 2019 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
04.02.19 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
04.02.19 Town Council MinutesAgendaTown Council
04.03.19 Plan Commission AgendaAgendaPlan Commission
04.03.19 Plan Commission MinutesMinutesPlan Commission
04.16.19 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
04.16.19 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
04.17.19 Plan Commission AgendaAgendaPlan Commission
04.17.19 Plan Commission MinutesMinutesPlan Commission
04.30.19 Town Council Special Meeting AgendaAgendaTown Council
04.30.19 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
05.01.19 Plan Commission AgendaAgendaPlan Commission
05.01.19 Plan Commission MinutesMinutesPlan Commission
May 2019 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
05.15.19 Plan Commission AgendaAgendaPlan Commission
05.15.19 Plan Commission MinutesMinutesPlan Commission
05.21.19 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
05.21.19 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
June 2019 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
06.04.19 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
06.05.19 Plan Commission AgendaAgendaPlan Commission
06.05.19 Plan Commission MinutesMinutesPlan Commission
06.18.19 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
06.19.19 Plan Commission AgendaAgendaPlan Commission
06.18.19 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
06.18.19 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
06.19.19 Plan Commission MinutesMinutesPlan Commission
05.15.19 Plan Commission MinutesMinutesPlan Commission
July 2019 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
07.02.19 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
07.02.19 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
07.10.19 Plan Commission AgendaAgendaPlan Commission
07.10.19 Plan Commission MinutesMinutesPlan Commission
07.16.19 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
07.17.19 Plan Commission AgendaAgendaPlan Commission
07.16.19 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
07.17.19 Plan Commission MinutesMinutesPlan Commission
07.22.19 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
07.22.19 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
August 2019 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
08.06.19 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
08.07.19 Plan Commission AgendaAgendaPlan Commission
08.07.19 Plan Commission MinutesMinutesPlan Commission
08.20.19 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
08.06.19 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
08.21.19 Plan Commission AgendaAgendaPlan Commission
08.21.19 Plan Commission MinutesMinutesPlan Commission
September 2019 newsletterNewsletterGeneral
09.04.19 Plan Commission AgendaAgendaPlan Commission
09.13.19 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
09.17.19 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
09.18.19 Plan Commission AgendaAgendaPlan Commission
08.20.19 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
09.17.19 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
09.18.19 Plan Commission MinutesMinutesPlan Commission
October 2019 newsletterNewsletterGeneral
10.02.19 Plan Commission AgendaAgendaPlan Commission
10.01.19 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
10.04.19 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
10.01.19 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
10.02.19 Plan Commission MinutesMinutesPlan Commission
10.04.19 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
10.15.19 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
10.16.19 Plan Commission AgendaAgendaPlan Commission
10.15.19 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
10.16.19 Plan Commission MinutesMinutesPlan Commission
10.24.19 Plan Commission AgendaAgendaPlan Commission
10.24.19 Plan Commission MinutesMinutesPlan Commission
November 2019 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
11.06.19 Plan Commission AgendaAgendaPlan Commission
11.06.19 Plan Commission MinutesMinutesPlan Commission
Facade Improvement Program ApplicationFormBuilding & Planning, General, Town Council
11.20.19 Plan Commission AgendaAgendaPlan Commission
11.19.19 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
11.19.19 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
December 2019 newsletterNewsletterGeneral
12.03.19 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
12.04.19 Plan Commission AgendaAgendaPlan Commission
12.03.19 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
12.17.19 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
12.17.19 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
January 2020 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
VIPS ApplicationPolice FormPolice
01.07.20 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
01.07.20 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
2020 Town of Cedar Lake Meeting ScheduleInformationGeneral
01.07.20 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
01.15.2020 Plan Commission AgendaAgendaPlan Commission
01.15.20 Plan Commission MinutesMinutesPlan Commission
Dog License & Renewal FormFormClerk-Treasurer's Office, General
01.21.20 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
01.21.2020 Town Council MinutesMinutesTown Council
February 2020 NewsletterNewsletterGeneral
02.04.2020 Town Council AgendaAgendaTown Council
Auto Withdraw FormFormClerk-Treasurer's Office
Artboard 1