Republic Services and the Town of Cedar Lake will be moving to every other week recycling starting June 1st, 2021. Please use the new 96gallon cart for recycling. You may start using the new cart as soon as you receive it. We expect to complete delivery of all recycling carts no later than May 29th, 2021.  Trash pick-up will remain on a weekly schedule.

Please keep about 1 foot of spacing between your garbage cart and your recycling cart when you place them at the curb, this helps us ensure the carts do not get knocked over while servicing the other cart.

What to do with my old, smaller, red 35gallon cart?

Starting June 1st just leave the cart at the curb, the garbage truck will pick up the cart and it will be thrown away along with any contents that are in it. If you want to keep the cart for personal use around your residence please feel free to do so, however if it is brought out to the curb it will be taken and thrown away.

Recycle Schedule

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Recycle Map

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