User Fee

The storm water user fees is used for several different purposes. The fees will be the revenue source for the Stormwater Management Program aimed at improving the Town through:

  • Development of storm drainage infrastructure
  • Improvement of flood protection and limiting flood damage
  • Enhancement of Cedar Lake’s water quality by limiting pollutants from entering waterways
  • Protection of the aquatic ecosystem of Cedar Lake
  • Prevention of the damage to the roads and streets from storm water
  • Improvement existing stormwater systems and structures

In Cedar Lake, many residents have multiple adjacent parcels that make up their property. Each parcel will have its own identifying tax key number. We are required to bill the owner for each parcel; however, you may have these parcels consolidated into one single tax key number in an effort to reduce your stormwater drainage fee.

For additional Information about Consolidating Lots click here to view our informational brochure on lot consolidation.

In order to consolidate lots, property owners are required to fill out a Combination Request at the County Auditor’s Office. The form must be submitted to the Lake County Auditor’s Office located at:

Lake County Government Center
Building A 2nd Floor
2293 N Main St.
Crown Point, Indiana 46307

If you have additional questions, please contact the Sewer Billing Department at 374-7000.

Establishing Ordinance and User Fee Information