Cedar Lake Fire Department

Our mission is to protect lives and property from the adverse effects of fire, medical emergencies, and exposure to hazardous conditions created by man or nature.

Cedar Lake Fire Department
9400 W 133rd Ave.
PO Box 459
Cedar Lake, Indiana 46303

Phone: (219) 374-5961

Fax: (219) 374-5999

Fire Department Members

Chief Todd Wilkening
Deputy Chief Dean Wilkening
Assistant Chief Nick Mager
Battalion Chief James Schultz
Administrative Assistant Sandy Ehmen

Matt Connor
Jim Fleming
Bryan Kuiper

Chad Wilson
Tony DeAdam
Ryan Bogenschneider

Day to Day Full Time Officers
Chief Todd Wilkening
Operations Chief Nick Mager
EMS DIV. Chief Patrick Scoleri
A Shift: Captain Matt Sella
B Shift: Battalion Chief James Schultz
C-Shift: Lieutenant: Bobby Van Kuiken

Pictured above: Cedar Lake Fire Department

Pictured above: Cedar Lake Marine Dive Team