Town Forms

Listed below are the most common Town Forms, if you cannot locate the form you require, please use the FILTER and SEARCH box to assist.  If you still cannot locate the required form, please contact the Town of Cedar Lake at 219.374.7000.

TitleContentDocument TypesDocumentDocument Groups
Annexation PetitionFormBuilding & Planning, General, Town Council
Employment ApplicationForm10152Clerk-Treasurer's Office, General
Auto Withdraw FormForm8849Clerk-Treasurer's Office
Dog License & Renewal FormForm8785Clerk-Treasurer's Office, General
Facade Improvement Program ApplicationForm7613Building & Planning, General, Town Council
Road Cut Permit ApplicationForm4904Building & Planning, Public Works, Streets
Storm Water – Self MonitoringForm4243Building & Planning, Storm Water
Storm Water – Permit ApplicationForm4237Building & Planning, Storm Water
Storm Water – Rule 13 Notice of IntentForm4205Building & Planning, Storm Water
New Contractors LicenseForm2074Building & Planning
Building Permit ApplicationForm9020Building & Planning
Plan Commission ApplicationForm8740Building & Planning
Variance ApplicationForm8741Building & Planning
Public Records RequestForm10296Clerk-Treasurer's Office, Town Council