Cedar Lake Police Department News


Their primary responsibility is the protection of life and property, preservation of the peace, and the enforcement of state, federal, local ordinances, and the investigation of suspicious activity. When not on assignment, officers actively engage in preventative control including traffic enforcement.


Below is a list of contact information for the Patrol staff:

29 Chief William Fisher bill.fisher@cedarlakein.org
32 Deputy Chief Carl Brittingham carl.brittingham@cedarlakein.org
31 Patrol Commander Tim Kilgore tim.kilgore@cedarlakein.org
17 Lieutenant Robert Forsell bob.forsell@cedarlakein.org
28 Sgt. David Moake dave.moake@cedarlakein.org
34 Sgt. Phil Lewis phil.lewis@cedarlakein.org
36 Sgt. Tom Kidd tom.kidd@cedarlakein.org
37 Cpl. Jason Allande jason.allande@cedarlakein.org
38 Cpl. Doug Machalk doug.machalk@cedarlakein.org
47 Cpl. Ryan Miller ryan.miller@cedarlakein.org
50 Cpl. Eric Godoy eric.godoy@cedarlakein.org
41 Ptl. Allen Sulski allen.sulski@cedarlakein.org
43 Ptl. Christopher Matson christopher.matson@cedarlakein.org
44 Ptl. Marcus McDowell marcus.mcdowell@cedarlakein.org
45 Ptl. Jake Huppenthal jake.huppenthal@cedarlakein.org
46 Ptl. Dustin Corbin dustin.corbin@cedarlakein.org
48 Ptl. Jarrett Stickle jarrent.stickle@cedarlakein.org
51 Ptl. Richard Pennington richard.pennington@cedarlakein.org
52 Ptl. Shaun Meyer shaun.meyer@cedarlakein.org
53 Ptl. Alexis Dills alexis.dills@cedarlakein.org
54 Ptl. Brad Kamstra brad.kamstra@cedarlakein.org