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Town Council

Meeting Dates and Times
Town Council meetings take place on the first and third Tuesday of every month. The public meetings begin at 7:00pm. Election days, special events and special cirumstances may cause for the meeting dates to be changed, or cancelled.
Town Council Terms
The Cedar Lake Town Council Members each serve a term of four years. The terms of the Councilmembers are staggered. Wards 1, 3, and 5 are elected every 4 years in the even numbered years (2006, 2010, 2014, etc). Wards 2, 4, 6 and 7 and the Clerk-Treasurer are elected every 4 years in the odd numbered years (2007, 2011, 2015, etc).



Town Council Duties and Responsibilities
The Town Council has the power to make and establish such bylaws, ordinances and resolutions as are necessary to the welfare and the safety of its citizens, so long as they do not conflict with the laws of the State of Indiana. The Council has the right to repeal, alter, or amend the same as it shall deem necessary.Other duties of the Town Council include:
  • To ensure that all current projects and long range plans are carried out to the best of their ability;
  • To assure prudent use of the taxpayer’s dollars;
  • To provide effective management of the legislative and administrative programs necessary to provide Town services;
  • To maintain the public’s investment in capital facilities and equipment necessary to deliver Town services;
  • To encourage, assist and sustain well-planned residential, commerical, and industrial growth;
  • To cooperate with neighboring communities, governmental agencies, and other groups to accomplish goals for the betterment of the Town and the surrounding area;  and
  • To maintain good communication with the citizens of Cedar Lake to implement “Quality of Life” programs for the Town.

Town Council members are elected at-large for four-year terms, which run from January 1st through December 31st.

Town Council Members
Name Ward Email Phone Term Expires
Robert H. Carnahan Ward 1 219-313-5890 2020
John Foreman Ward 2 219-374-7905 2021
Julie Rivera Ward 3 219-671-9643 2020
Ralph Miller Ward 4 219-374-6622 2021
Randy Niemeyer Ward 5 219-374-6303 2020
Colleen Schieben Ward 6 219-808-4803 2021
Richard Sharpe Ward 7 219-765-2876 2021
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