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Parks and Rec.


Goals The Park & Recreation Master Plan for the Cedar Lake Parks & Recreation Department outlines the following general goals established by the Park Committee:

  • Develop, maintain and enhance the recreational facilities and park lands throughout the Town
  • Offer a range of parks, recreational lands, natural areas, and public facilities
  • Develop and sustain recreational programs for all age groups
  • Strive to meet the community’s goals for maintenance of the parks and recreational amenities
  • Focus development of the park system and public expenditures on projects with high demand
  • Provide passive and active recreation through a mix of sizes and locations of public parks and open spaces
  • Protect and preserve natural drainage areas and flood plains
  • Through acquisition and/or expansion, ensure that adequate land is available to meet the future recreational needs of the community

Rules and Regulations

Please refer to Ordinance 99 to view the Park Rules and Regulations



– 9800 W. 129th Avenue

Community Center / Park Building

– 7408 Constitution Avenue

Shelters & Gazebo

– located at the Park of the Red Cedars

Call Cedar Lake Town Hall at 219.374.7000 for price and availability.

Park Locations

Click to download a map of the following park locations on a separate window.clptable

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