Lynnsway/Ledgestone Water Outage 8-16-2021

Water service interruption 2021.08.13opens PDF file

Update:  The water in Ledgestone and Lynnsway may be shut off longer than originally anticipated.  The water will be turned back on as soon as possible; however, we do not have an updated timeline.

Update:  Mr. Kuiper advised that the water is expected to be turned back on no later than 5pm and thanks you for your patience and understanding.

Update:  Mr. Kuiper advised that the water is fully back on.  Residents can expect discolored water for the evening. The first bacterial samples were drawn.  Two hydrants were left slowly running at the south end of Lynnsway.  The running hydrants will help clear the system as quickly as possible.  The running hydrants will not have an effect on fire flows for the rest of the system. Please continue to boil water until we receive the test results back from the bacteria samples. We will post an all clear when you can stop boiling the water.

As of 08/18/2021 at 10:18 a.m., we have not received any results back yet from the lab.  Please continue to boil your water.  Thank you.

The water results are back and the boil advisory is over.

Boil Advisory Lifted Photo