Strategic Plan

The Town of Cedar Lake would like to share with you our new Strategic Plan and Action Plan that have recently been adopted by the Town Council and Staff. Below are some key strategic goals and core values that we feel are important to the community:

A Thriving Local Economy
Core Value: We will focus our efforts toward providing a return on investment for stakeholders in the community and maximizing the benefits of a strong infrastructure, a healthy business community, and a plan for the future.

An Effective Organization
Core Value: As managers and leaders within a dynamic organization, we will align our efforts to create effective systems that ensure accountability and stewardship of the public’s resources.

Extraordinary Natural Resources
Core Value: Cedar Lake is a community whose growth and success as a community is tied to its natural resources; therefore, we must act as stewards of these natural resources.

A Secure Future
Core Value: Our ability to grow and thrive as a community begets our requirement to protect our citizens and their investments in their homes and businesses to ensure our long-term success.

An Engaged Community
Core Value: We will keep our citizens and stakeholders informed of our efforts and seek their input and participation in governance to better understand their needs.

Vision Statement
Cedar Lake is an exceptional hometown where residents, visitors, and businesses thrive in a sustainable environment that fosters economic and social investments and ensures public safety.

Mission Statement
The Town of Cedar Lake is committed to providing excellent public service and community leadership, focusing on creating value-oriented uses of public resources. By espousing values of transparency, accessibility, and common sense, Cedar Lake looks to a future of sustainable and responsible growth. Cedar Lake will value public safety and constant improvement with a professional and responsive team of public servants whose efforts are focused on developing diverse economic opportunities which leverage the greatest benefits with the least investment.