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Committee & Liaison Appointments


The Cedar Lake Town Council has revised its Committee System. The Council Committees are meant to serve in the function of developing resolutions to problems and addressing the needs of the community with information and transparency. The Council Committees will meet quarterly, at a minimum, and if there is business that needs attention at any other time, the committees will convene to research and recommend action. Policy recommendations and committee reports will take place in the Town Council work sessions. Current appointments to these Committees are as follows:

Town Council President:  Randy Niemeyer

Town Council Vice-President:  Julie Rivera


Redevelopment Commission:  Robert Carnahan

Plan Commission:  Robert Carnahan, John Foreman, Richard Sharpe

Police Commission:  Ralph Miller

Unsafe Building:  Colleen Schieben

Stormwater Board:  Robert Carnahan

Joint Management Oversight Board (JMOB):  Ralph Miller, Richard Sharpe

Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Commission (NIRPC):  Robert Carnahan

Lake County Solid Waste (LCSW):  Robert Carnahan

South County Community Services:  Ralph Miller


Ecosystem Restoration Committee:  Julie Rivera, John Foreman, Ralph Miller, Dan Pager

Public Works & Safety:  Randy Niemeyer, Julie Rivera, Ralph Miller

Park & Recreation:  Colleen Schieben, Richard Sharpe, Ralph Miller

Council Affairs:  Randy Niemeyer, Ralph Miller, Richard Sharpe

Streets:  Robert Carnahan, John Foreman, Richard Sharpe 

Planning Committee:  Robert Carnahan, John Foreman, Richard Sharpe 


Utility Board President:  Richard Sharpe

Utility Board Vice-President:  Ralph Miller


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