Clerk-Treasurer Forms

Listed below are the most common Clerk-Treasurer Forms, if you cannot locate the form you require, please use the FILTER and SEARCH box to assist.  If you still cannot locate the required form, please contact the Town of Cedar Lake at 219.374.7000.
TitleContentDocument TypesDocumentDocument Groupsdocument_types_hfilterdocument_groups_hfilter
Employment Applicationopens PDF file Form10152Clerk-Treasurer's Office, Generalformclerk-treasurers-office general
Auto Withdraw Formopens PDF file Form8849Clerk-Treasurer's Officeformclerk-treasurers-office
Dog License & Renewal Formopens PDF file Form8785Clerk-Treasurer's Office, Generalformclerk-treasurers-office general
Public Records Requestopens PDF file Form10296Clerk-Treasurer's Office, Town Councilformclerk-treasurers-office town-council