Paving Project Updates (10/2/20)

Walsh & Kelly is out milling today, October 2nd, in Monastery Woods South.  Paving is scheduled for Monday.  This is not the entire subdivision, just patches.  Once the milling crew is done in Monastery Woods South, they will head to the south end of Morse and head north.   This will be a mobile/moving project with flagging, one lane will be closed.  As of today, there is no work scheduled for Saturday, October 3rd.

Monday, October 5th:

  • Patches will be paved in Monastery Woods South
  • Noble Oaks – East of Lauerman from 141st Ln to 142nd Ave – paving
  • Ledgestone will be milled and paved (this is not a town project, it is a developer project)


Saturday, October 10th – Milling & Patch work along the Hot-in-Place/Asphalt project that will be moving and include a flagger.

The week of October 12th – Paving for the Hot-in-Place/Asphalt Project; Town Hall Lot, Fire Dept Lot (gravel area) and Fairbanks(125th to 129th).

Schedule is subject to change & weather pending.