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Leaf Pickup


The Cedar Lake Public Works Department collects leaves frequently, weather permitting. Leaf vac trucks will be out each week for the duration of leaf-pick-up season which starts the first week of October and ends mid-December.

Leaf piles must be no more than 6 feet from the street (due to the length of the vac truck hose) and without blocking any waterways or storm drains. Residents are welcome to dispose of leaves at the Public Works Department, Monday through Friday fromĀ 7am to 3pm. If you dispose of your leaves at Public Works, please stop in the main office first and present your driver’s license and/or your most recent Cedar Lake utility bill (utility bills are to supplement out of town licenses for proof of property ownership in Cedar Lake).

Leaf Collection Guidelines:

    • Place the leaf piles along the curbside within six (6) feet of the street.
    • Do not park vehicles within ten (10) feet of the leaf pile.
    • Do not block waterways or drainage.
    • Do not mix leaves with yard waste, branches, stones or branches; leaf piles will be bypassed if any improper items are noticed.
    • If you wish to bag leaves, use brown yard waste bags; we will not pick up leaves in any other container.
    • Calling when yard work is completed is not necessary.
    • Public Works has a regular route starting at one end of town and continuing to the other end of town until the entire town is picked up/serviced; the department will then start their route over again.
    • Do not place leaves by mailboxes, trees and power line guide wires or utility poles.
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